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ZZZ Top, the Aesop Rock Music Video Action Movie

Boom, y’all.

Here’s a link to the clean version: 

This video came out of sitting next to Aes (I was his “sit-in” double for a video shoot by new friend Isaac Ravishankara who made this last-minute music video for Aes’s Zero Dark 30, with like effects and everything) - and we got to talking about Chinese food and kung-fu movies and he got all excited when he saw my Hand Over Fist fight and I took it for a grain of salt but he actually followed up about a week later and one very grueling month later, here it is. I hope you enjoy it. There isn’t nearly as much choreography as we’d originally planned, but when you shoot fight scenes, the set up shots always take a day (just like getting people to pose and stare at each other and stuff) and you usually get your best stuff on the second day. Our two-night shoot was like two first days, so we had to just cram a lot of stuff in a tiny time window (between 2-4am each day) - the stunt guys killed it. Vlad the fearless choreographer and I have been fans of each other for about ten years now, so it was good to finally do something like this. I’d known him since he was a funny Russian kid in high school, IMing me obscenities and talking about obscure Hong Kong movies with me. Good to see him full grown and taking knives to the belly. His new fight - Men in Suits - is one of the best things I’d ever seen. I had the idea of catching knives via bats for some time now, and never knew for sure if the gag could work until long after I shot it when Alan Cecil worked out the composites and I cut together the swish pans. That was a huge gamble that could’ve fallen on its ass quite easily.

pete zumbi patti laugh it up

That’s Zumbi (of Zion I) and Patti, during a rehearsal take.

Here is the full credit:

ZZZ Top Credits (revised)-page-001

Most of the peeps were long time collaborators. Felt good to be building a fam. Feels good to know that unless I get hit by something or struck by something, this is probably just the beginning of a long series of Projects That Cost Sleep Friendship and My Own Money. If any of my collaborators is reading, I like to thank you. If anyone else is reading this and enjoys the video, I’d love to hear from you. Even if you’re a hater.

Now onto the next video! 

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