3 years ago

behind the eyelids presents: John Heart Jackie

I met Jennie of the Portland duo John Heart Jackie when she and Ezza Rose crashed a dinner party on a boat that my friends were hosting. Next thing I knew Ezza, Jennie and I were harmonizing over Mariah Carey covers, as well as a gospel-infused take on old Raffi tunes. Just a couple of weeks ago Jennie stopped by SF with her bandmates, expressing interest in a video session.

I was excited to film them, ‘cause Jennie has the best singing/harmonizing face I’d ever seen, and also because I’d been waiting for an excuse to film at Salle Pianos, a gorgeous antique gallery showcasing exclusively pianos, run by a badass, impeccably dressed Hungarian impresario/martial artist named Tibor.

Without further ado.

Also snapped some photos of the joint:

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